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How to Print a Copy of My California Guard Card

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In California, the licensing of security guards is overseen by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. The BSIS issues the licenses, known as guard cards, and also handles the replacement of such licenses. You cannot print a duplicate license online; all new and replacement guard cards must be issued by mail. However you can print an interim license from the BSIS website and use it as proof of eligibility to work as a guard.

Step 1:

Verify that your license is still valid. Go to the BSIS homepage, then click the tab labeled "Online Services." On the next page, click the link labeled "Verify a License." At the bottom of the following page, click the link labeled "Security Guard."

Step 2:

Enter your personal data, including your license number, into the blank fields on the page. Then click the search button near the bottom of the page. The next page should have your name in the search results, hyperlinked to another page. Click the link for your name, and your current license status and other information will appear.

If you don't have your license number, you can still search, but the search could return multiple similar names.

Step 3:

Print the information, which is known as a screen-print form. In addition to your name and license status, the form should include the type of license, license number, issue and expiration dates, and the city and county you applied for the license in. It will also show whether you have any related licenses, registrations or permits and if the BSIS has initiated any disciplinary actions against you. This printout will serve as your proof of licensing until you can get a physical copy of your guard card from the BSIS.

Step 4:

Write to the BSIS to request a physical copy of your guard card. You must explain the reason for your request; if it's a replacement card, include a $10 replacement fee. New cards are generally received within 10 to 15 days from the date the request was processed, but the processing of replacement cards can take six to eight weeks. The mailing address is: Bureau of Security and Investigative Services, P.O. Box 989002, West Sacramento, CA, 95798-9002.


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