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How to Check on the Status of My Guard Card

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You can check on the status of your guard card online, whether you want to verify the validity of your current card or you have just applied for one and want to check the status of your application. You can view updated information on the status of your guard card and other licences online directly from the California government's website. You will need to use your application information to check the status.

Gather your information that you used to apply for your guard card, including a license number if you have one. Your license number is the number on your current guard card registration paperwork. You do not need the license number if you are waiting on a new guard card and do not have license papers.

Visit the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services website to verify your license.

FIll in the information in the form on the page. Use the information that you provided on your application including your address at the time of the application, license number and your name at the time of the application.

Click the "Find" button and look for your license on the results page. The status of your license will be listed there.

Contact the Bureau of Security & Investigative Services if you have any other questions regarding the status of your card.


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