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How Do I Go Back & Make Changes to My Walmart Application Online?

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The Walmart company allows people to apply for jobs online at their website from the comfort of their home or from anywhere that has computer and internet access. Sometimes you need to change the application because of a change in phone number, address or other changes; this can also be done at the website where you filled in the application.

Connect to the Walmart stores website and click "Careers."

Click on the career option that you want to apply for. Click on the blue "Apply now" button. Click on the "I Agree" button until you come to the log-in screen.

Type in your Walmart user name and password that you created when you applied for the position and click "Log in."

Type in your social security number and the PIN that you created when you first started the application and press the blue "Enter" button.

Go to the part of the application that you want to change and type your change into the application. Press the blue "Save" button and close out the application.


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