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How to Fill Out a Pistol Permit Application

Once you know how to fill out a pistol permit application, you can submit it to the proper authority for review. Not everyone is issued a permit. There are set requirements and regulations pertaining to who can and cannot obtain a pistol permit. Anyone that is not a convicted felon can apply for this type of license. Most states also have age requirements, but every state may vary. The application process can take up to 14 days to be accepted or denied and not everyone is granted a permit by the state they live in.

Enter your name, address, driver's license number, social security number, telephone number and the date of the application in the first section of the application. It is important that this information is correct. You will also be asked for a legal address if your application address is different from your residing address.

Fill in you date of birth and the place of birth. Then fill in your character information such as hair color, eye color, sex and race. It is important that your hair and eye color match your driver's license. If you dye your hair, you will have to explain this to the clerk.

Enter your occupation, present employer, employer's address and a previous employer if there is one with the address. Employers are called as a work references only.

Answer the yes and no questions in the next section, giving details for any yes answers. Then you need to explain why you want a pistol permit. This should be in detail. It is important that these answers are explain in length for review.

Write down three references with their addresses and telephone numbers. Sign the application and turn it into the department where you obtained the application. Do not date the application in the signature unless asked to by the department clerk.


Non-residents will also have to fill out this application for a pistol permit. To find the application for your state or if you can have a permit, visit your state's official government page.


Carrying a gun is not permitted in many establishments and is punishable by law.