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How Do I Get My License Number if I'm an LPN?

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If you are licensed by a state board of nursing in the United States as a licensed practical nurse -- LPN -- or a licensed vocational nurse -- LVN -- you have a unique number assigned to your license by your state. This license allows you to perform nursing duties within the LPN scope of practice, as defined by your state. The license is usually renewed every two years for a fee. After you have paid your renewal fee, you receive a wallet-sized card to carry in your billfold, as well as the standard-sized license.

Find your license and locate the number located near, beside or under the words "License to Practice as Practical Nurse." This is your license number. In some states, it is printed in red ink.

Log onto your state's Board of Practical Nursing if you are unable to locate a paper copy of your license. Many states, such as Virginia, now have a license verification area on their websites that allow potential employers and nurses to check the status of their licenses. After entering your name and other requested information, your license number and its date of expiration will appear on the screen.

Call your state's Board of Practical Nursing if you do not have computer access, or are unable to obtain your license number online. Request information on obtaining a duplicate license -- sometimes at no cost -- and ask for your license number and expiration date from the representative.


Make an extra copy of your license to carry in your billfold or wallet. Keep your original license with your other important papers.

If you have lost your original license, ask for a replacement copy when you call your state Board of Nursing. Replacement copies are sometimes provided at no charge.


Do not misrepresent yourself as someone else in order to obtain a nursing license number and other information. These acts constitute fraud and invasion of privacy.