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Goals & Objectives for Nurse Managers

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Nurse managers play a vital role in health care. They are the essence of any health care system. Their chief responsibilities include taking care of patients and recruiting, managing and supervising staff successfully. Nurse managers need to stay balanced despite various challenges that include efficient handling of stakeholders, work pressures, budgetary constraints, shortages and labor problems. Their ultimate goal is implementation of policies that ensures care, compassion and dedicated health care services.

Basic Goals

A nurse manager aims at efficient administration of the health care unit as well as effective supervision over her subordinates. She is expected to carry out clinical responsibilities as well as other duties such as competent handling, correct evaluation of staff performance and proper management of staff. Her job entails organizational planning and progress, budget and risk management. She is in charge of planning, organizing and directing health services for the hospital, health care unit or facility. Her basic function is to make sure that the objectives, goals or performance of work are in accordance with set standards so that the patient is not deprived of quality care.

Specific Objectives

The nurse manager's objectives include creating course curriculum, providing nurse training and devising educational programs related to health care activities for both professional as well as non-professional staff. He needs to assist in the management of all clinical activities for the Utilization Management department. He is responsible for coordinating medical functions relating to Utilization Management (UM) and Case Management (CM) to guarantee efficient health care facilities. He plays the role of a mentor or motivator for his staff.

Day to Day Commitments

A nurse manager prepares plans to facilitate smooth working and ensures proper execution of the plans. She revises the work plans to respond to changing requirements. An efficient nurse manager is able to identify required resources and delegates duties and allocates work according to one’s capacity. She looks after the management of the functional aspects of a nursing job. She is responsible for receiving, analyzing and evaluating reports and health information.

Long Term Goals

A nurse manager is expected to participate, consult and collaborate in the formulation of long term plans, goals and objectives. He may be responsible for the interpretation and communication of policies and accepted procedures of the department or agency. He may prepare budget estimates and monitors purchases made and expenses incurred to ensure that the department is adhering to set budget norms.


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