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Activity Director Job Description

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An activity director works in the recreational department of a resort or residential complex or with a community organization such as a country club. Activity directors arrange social activities and oversee the recreational department's staff. Responsibilities include creating stimulating activities that meet the mental, social and physical needs of the guests. The ideal activity director enjoys interacting with different people and maintains a positive, friendly attitude in the workplace.

Provide a Program

As director, you are responsible for coming up with activities that residents find engaging. Start by taking a look at the current list of activities offered and see which ones are the most popular with residents. Consult residents to discover which additional activities they would enjoy and select new activities that generate enough interest to warrant being added to your event roster. When adding new programs, assess if your staff members are qualified to manage them with little to no additional training. Create a calendar of these activities and make sure that you or a staff member are present to lead and oversee the events. Create and implement a plan to inform residents and guests which activities are scheduled and encourage them to participate.

Obtain Necessary Equipment

All activities require equipment and supplies. As activity director, your responsibilities include determine which equipment is necessary for each activity and making sure enough supplies are on hand. Price the equipment needed and examine your department's budget to make sure your organization can afford the additional purchase of supplies. Obtain the necessary equipment and arrange for its storage on the premises. You also may need to educate employees how to properly operate the equipment.

Train Staff

Recruiting staff is another essential task of an activity director. It entails interviewing, hiring and training new employees (and volunteers). You may need to reach out to your local community to recruit volunteers tthat assist with activity programs. Make sure all staff members understand the principles of the company, are able to create the right atmosphere for residents and can demonstrate scheduled activities to guests, as needed.


Part of an activity director's job is creating reports for company management. These reports chronicle the amount of money and time spent on activities by staff and how many residents and guests participate. You may also be required to prepare reports on how the activities meet the departmental goals and progress on community awareness of activity programs. Reports enable management to assess how effective your leadership is and may be used to supplement additional funding requests and grants.


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