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Director of Outreach Job Description

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A director of outreach oversees each aspect of the solicitation of community involvement for a non-profit program or organization. Typically found within the social services arena, examples of this role include a professional who proactively offers the services of a homeless shelter to those with no home.

Policy Creation

The director of outreach works in tandem with the executive director and board of directors to develop and implement policies and procedures surrounding the program and services offered.

Staff Management

As the head of a department, the director of outreach is responsible for hiring, training and providing performance management to staff members of the outreach department.

Community Involvement

In an effort to increase the visibility of the program and increase the number of active participants, a director of outreach consistently participates in events throughout the community.

Education Required

Quite often, employers require that prospective directors of outreach possess a four-year degree within social work, public health administration or a related field of study. Those who have obtained a master’s degree are most marketable.

Salary reports that the average annual salary of outreach directors employed in the United States in 2010 is $51,000.


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