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Youth Development Specialist Job Description

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Youth development specialists are tasked with the creation of programs designed to enhance the learning of youth participants. In addition, personnel are tasked with monitoring the welfare of youth involved in the program and reporting on their development when necessary.


Youth development specialists must be committed to assisting the youth involved in their program to make choices that are effective, positive, and safe to their well-being. They must educate the youth on topics such as drug and pregnancy prevention, leadership enhancement as well as information pertaining to gang prevention.


Youth development specialists must have experience working with youth as well as experience in the supervision of volunteers, youth and staff. Applicants must be proficient in word processing and computer applications, as well as have effective written and communication skills. Bachelor's degree is usually required, although the equivalent in related experience may suffice.


Youth development specialists are most times tasked with the collection of data on the youth involved in their programs. This may include, at times, the reporting of witnessed problems to local authorities, as well as intervention into dangerous situations, such as drugs, abuse and violence.


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