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Youth Coordinator Job Description

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A youth coordinator usually works for a nonprofit or community organization or government agency, though some also work in church youth ministry roles. This person's primary role is to develop and facilitate programs that support youth education and personal development. In some positions, the coordinator's focus is to provide outreach for at-risk youth.

Special Coordinator Duties

The coordinator may offer small group meetings, oversee peer counseling programs, arrange and lead youth activities, meet with youth and their family, and refer youth to need-based programs for assistance. Small group and peer counseling opportunities provide youth with effective role modeling and personal support. Family meetings help the coordinator collaborate with a youth's family in setting development goals. The specific programs and activities implemented by the coordinator help participants develop confidence, peer relationships and technical and transferable skills. In a church youth program, the coordinator also emphasizes spiritual development.

Background Requirements

Each agency or organization has different background requirements. However, you often need a bachelor's degree in education, counseling, social work, youth development or a related field. Regardless of your degree, specific training on youth development is necessary. Passion for youth, excellent communication skills and great interpersonal skills are standard. With a few years of experience and excellent leadership abilities, you could advance to a program director role where you lead youth workers and volunteers to implement programs.


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