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Job Description for an Associate Director

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An associate director plans, organizes and directs the day-to-day operations of a department. The associate director reports to the executive manager of the department. Associate directors work in a variety of industries, including education and human resource industries. The associate director implements strategic plans and applied research to complete daily operations.


The associate director may be responsible for supervising and training some staff within the department. He maintains and operates software databases. He issues technical advice for compliance with program goals and policies. The associate director evaluates design, development and coordination of projects. He may lead committees and task forces to improve service and quality. The associate director may be in charge of conducting surveys to receive input on organizational management. He also completes reports as needed; this includes budget, tax and some employee records.


The associate director possesses a master’s degree in her given field. For example an associate director for a college or university would have a master’s in educational administration. This director must also be knowledgeable in the given industry to perform duties accurately.

Personal Attributes

The associate director applies some personal traits to this position. The director has interpersonal attributes when dealing with staff or public. She is a leader and attentive listener. This professional also possesses traits to mentor and motivate.


The associate director possesses the skills of organization and training, knowledge of budget management, and developing and implementing programs. The incumbent is a planner, analyzer and coordinator. She solves problems and makes decisions effectively and is also skilled in verbal and written communication. Directors in this position also establish and maintain positive working relationships.


According to Indeed, an associate director working in the United States earns about $62,000 annually, as of June 2010. Salary depends on location, industry and level of experience. Salary also depends on educational credentials for the particular position.


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