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Job Description of an Activities Director for Assisted Living

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One of the benefits of residing in an assisted living facility is being able to participate in the different social, recreational and education activities. These activities are planned and conducted by the facility’s activities director and his team of staff and volunteers. Planned activities offer residents of assisted living facilities a chance to interact with other residents, learn new things and live an active life.

Develop Activities

As an activities director, you are responsible for coming up with new activities and fine tuning current ones. You are responsible for planning events that get all residents involved, including some of their families. Your plan will include daily and weekly activities and some off property outings. A sample list of activities include arts, music, dancing, crafts, educational programs and exercise classes. When planning activities you will be in charge of putting everything on a calendar and include it with the facility’s newsletter.

Find Vendors

When planning activities for your facility there might be some that cannot be conducted by your staff or volunteers. If you need the assistance of an outside vendor, such as an instructor, DJ or chef, you will be responsible for finding one. You will work with the vendor to ensure he has everything he needs for the activity and explain your facility’s goal for hosting such activity. Make sure you are available to supervise the activity when it is happening to ensure the vendor is following proper protocol for your facility.


With the facility’s director you will be in charge of creating an activities budget, including how to manage current funds, get additional funding and pay for events. Your role is to ensure there is enough money to pay for outside vendors, your staff, supplies for activities and food needed during events. If the budget starts to fall short of the money you need, it will be your responsibility to find ways to raise money to help the facility’s activity program.

Office Work

Additional work responsibilities may include helping out with general office duties that may include typing, answering phones, copying, filing and answering questions of residents. You may also be asked to offer a tour to potential residents and their families.

Volunteers Coordinating

Some facilities work with help from volunteers, and as the activities director, you will be in charge of those who help out. It is your responsibility to train, recruit, schedule and keep track of all volunteers. You will also be in charge of keeping track of their hours and performance based on the activities they conduct and how they interact with the residents.


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