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What Type of Degree Do You Need to Become an Event Planner?

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Event planners coordinate meetings, parties and other events. They sometimes specialize in a particular type of event, such as weddings, conventions, nonprofit gatherings or corporate meetings. Many event planners earn a bachelor's degree in hospitality management, but some study related disciplines, including business, communications, public relations and marketing.

Hospitality Management Degree

Employers prefer event planners who have a bachelor's degree in hospitality management. A program in this discipline teaches you about management theory and business. You learn how to market your services, manage events and projects and provide customer service. Many hospitality management programs also provide training in nutrition, food preparation, events planning and human resource management.

Business Communications Degree

A bachelor's degree program in business communications prepares you to effectively communicate with clients and vendors. Through program coursework, you learn to make effective presentations, speeches and sales pitches. This will help you communicate your event plans and ideas. Not every business communications program has the same course offerings, but common topics of study include general business, project management, public relations and communications.

Public Relations Degree

A bachelor's degree program in public relations teaches you how to strategically manage communication and relationships. You learn how to advertise your event planning services, meet with new clients, present party and meeting ideas and coordinate projects and events. Some of the courses you might take include business, communications, management, advertising, psychology, public relations, art and philosophy.

Marketing Degree

A bachelor's degree program in marketing will prepare you to determine client needs and translate those needs into a successful event. Coursework provides you with the analytical and creative skills you need to plan an event from beginning to end. Curriculum varies by program, but common topics of study include advertising, sales, management, customer service and logistics.


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