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BBB-Approved Typing From Home Jobs

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When Keyboard-Clacking Makes You Money

If you loved those typing lessons back in grade school, we've got good news: People will pay for fast, accurate typists. You can work from home, create a flexible schedule and bring home a paycheck for fun, stress-free work – and all you need is a keyboard and some killer muscle memory.

As with many common work-from-home jobs, typists often face a slough of scam company listings. The best way to avoid these is to keep your eyes peeled for anything that asks for your money – a legitimate company wouldn't require an upfront fee just to provide you with a useless list of job "leads." When you find a tempting listing, scan it for any nonsensical fees, and maybe do a quick Google search to ensure other typists haven't already identified the listing as as scam.

Otherwise, keep your pay expectations modest (probably around $10 an hour) and your mind open, and you can rake in some supplementary income with one of the following typing-from-home jobs:

1. Transcription

Simply put, transcribers are responsible for turning audio dictations into typed documents. You just slap on your headphones, sit down at the computer and transcribe a lecture, conference call or podcast.

You can usually wrangle this kind of job without prior experience or a college degree. However, you'll want unbeatable spelling and punctuation skills, and of course you'll want to be able to type quickly and with few errors. Once you do have enough experience under your belt, you can actually make a living from transcribing full-time – general transcribers earn about $31,000 per year, according to Glassdoor.

2. Closed Captioning

Some companies will shell out good money for at-home typists to caption videos, TV shows and movies. These positions are usually laid-back and flexible, and don't require much prior typing experience – as long as you're comfortable with your typing abilities to begin with.

Closed captioners are responsible for watching videos, typing what they hear and syncing the caption to what's on the screen. In this job, you'd most likely be paid by the audio minute – somewhere between $0.40 and $0.75 per minute.

3. Online Chat Customer Service

While some online chat agents require background knowledge in specific subjects, many of them just need to know how to type quickly and accurately. These general agents make about $12 per hour, or $25,000 annually, on average.

As a chat agent, you'd provide customer assistance via instant message and potentially email to answer questions and help navigate customers to whatever they're looking for.


The positions mentioned above aren't specific, Better Business Bureau-aproved job listings. These are only meant to help you understand what kinds of typing jobs are available, generally. To find a specific BBB-approved job, check out the BBB's job listings in the resources section.