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How to Earn Money Typing Manuscripts at Home

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If you are a good typist, above average in both speed and accuracy, you may be able to earn money typing manuscripts at home. You would probably be surprised by how many people are writing books or lengthy manuscripts. Professors and experts are all expected to write books, some text books, some non-fiction works in their subject. Many of these people live very busy lives and may be writing by hand between their other responsibilities, making them a great source of potential business.

Keep an up-to-date resume. Before anyone hires you, they will want to be able to see the type of projects you have worked on. A resume is the most professional way to showcase this.

Don't promise more than you can deliver. You need to put forth your best effort to give them all the speed and accuracy you promised in order to get the job. If people are paying by the hour, you had better make them feel that they are getting their money’s worth.

Post flyers at colleges. There are generally bulletin boards all over college campuses, and there is no place where there will be more people looking for typists. Grad students have to write their thesis, which is basically a manuscript, and that’s where you’ll find all of those professors who are writing books.

Advertise yourself online. There are websites that are dedicated to connecting freelancers with people who need their services. At Upwork, there are numerous projects that freelancers can bid on, including typing and editing manuscripts. If you can’t find any locally, you might be able to branch out and find some work online.

Complete all of your projects on time and in a professional manner. Once you get started as an at-home typist, the majority of your business will be repeat business and referrals. Even online, you will receive feedback for your work. Keep the jobs coming in by providing a first-rate service.


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