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How to Become a Business Writer

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Becoming a business writer is a great journey into freelance writing. This is a career that is stable, because businesses will always need business writers. There are always people out there who want to strive for something better in their careers and businesses. Business writers are experts in the business and career area that write a lot of helpful information in articles, books and websites. There are also business writers who write communications for a particular business. There are many opportunities for skilled business writers.

Show potential clients what you can do for them. How can you help them with their communications? How can you help them sell more products? How can you create content products that sell? Create a business email address. It should be professional. Create your own business email that shows you are a pro.

Create your own website. If you don't want to spend the extra cash on a website, use a blog to show off your work. I have created my online portfolio using categories to show off my published work. This shows that I care about my work and that I care about my potential clients' time and energy. They shouldn't have to rummage through a lot of content to find what they are looking for. Always make their work as easy as possible.

Establish your skills. Businesses need you because they need someone to provide them with professional, concise and clear business content and communications. Show them that you are the best choice for them. Create a portfolio selling your skills. Include these business-related samples in your portfolio: articles, books, brochures, booklets, fliers, emails, newsletters, product descriptions, press releases, sales pages, slogans, white papers and company profiles.

Learn SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This is something that all businesses online are seeking. You must have the knowledge in order to optimize articles and web pages in order to bring more visitors to the clients' websites. This is the skill of inserting particular keywords into web pages and articles in order to get in front of web searchers. When people type a search into a search engine that is related to the business you are working for, they need to see your business listed on the first page of the search results. This is how keywords help. In a 500-word article, put in a keyword at least five times. Of course, you can use more than one keyword to optimize the results.

Obtain clients. Sign up for freelance writing websites to apply for projects. Send notifications to businesses online who may need you and send out bulk mail through your post office. You may be surprised at how many follow-up contacts you will receive.

Continue marketing and promoting your own services through article marketing, press releases, an online newsletter and your website. This will keep you in touch with your potential clients, clients and interested business writers, who can also become paying clients. There is no limit to what you can do as a business writer. It is a vast career that will offer you stability, creativity and room to grow.


Keep learning more no matter what. Help your clients become more successful. Show your clients that you care about their business.


Nicole LaMarco is a copywriter and content marketing strategist with more than 15 years of experience. See her website at