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How to Put Together an Event Planner Portfolio

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As an event planner, it's essential that you effectively market yourself and demonstrate your talents to make your business grow. Putting together a professional portfolio will help you launch or continue a successful career in event planning, as it will showcase your organization skills, creativity and eye for detail. An impressive portfolio will attract clients to your services and help you stand out from other planners in the industry.


A digital portfolio is easy to share with a wide audience, as you can publish it on your professional website. Include a link to the site on your business card, fliers or brochures while advertising your services. Potential clients will also be able to find your portfolio while searching for an event planner on the Internet. You may also wish to put together a hard copy of your portfolio in a binder or portfolio case. This way, clients can look through your portfolio when meeting you for the first time to discuss booking your services.


The bulk of your portfolio should be filled with high-quality photographs of events you've planned. Include photos from a variety of events so potential clients can see your versatility or get a real feel for your personal style and taste. Showcase centerpieces you've arranged, color schemes you've chosen, invitations or fliers you've designed and any other details associated with your events. Limit your portfolio to only the best examples of your work, and routinely update the photos to reflect the most recent events you've planned.


Videos of your events will strengthen your digital portfolio, as they allow potential clients to see your work as though they had been present at the event. You could add short clips from various events you've planned, put together a short film that highlights all aspects of your business and advertises your services, or do both.


If any of your events have been covered by magazines or newspapers, include copies of the articles in your portfolio. If you've ever been interviewed by any type of publication, include a copy of the interview. The press associated with your planning can easily be used as a marketing tool to appeal to potential clients, and it will add to the overall strength of your portfolio.


While your work speaks for itself, potential clients will still want to hear from people who've utilized your services in the past. Include testimonials from individuals or companies who have booked you as a planner for their events so new clients can read about positive experiences other people have had while working with you. Your testimonials can be brief statements from former clients, or recommendation letters from people who frequently hire you to plan events for them.


Additional items you might include in your portfolio are copies of invitations, fliers, brochures or posters associated with events you've planned. If you have any professional certifications in event planning, include a copy of your certificate so potential clients can view your credentials. Some planners include sample timelines for events in their portfolios, so this is another option to consider. Anything you feel showcases your experience and professionalism can be used to add strength to your portfolio, and is appropriate to include.

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