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How to Publish a Novella

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Novella writers compose stories that fall somewhere between a full novel and a short story. Thus, their place in the publishing world is often undefined. Getting a novella published can be a challenge because many publishers do not have a place for novellas in their repertoire. However, a well-written novella combined with some persistence can result in your story being published.

Identify publishers who are willing to consider novellas. Most publishers focus on a specific type of writing -- some publish textbooks; others focus on short stories. Visit the library and check out the publishers of novellas. Some novellas might be published as independent works, while others might be published in a collection of novellas. Make note of the publishers.

Research publishers based on your list. Visit publishers' websites to see if they are currently accepting novellas. If they are, check their guidelines. Since novellas are shorter than novels, publishers usually want you to submit the entire piece, not just a synopsis or portion of it.

Compose a cover letter to accompany your novella. Use business letter format for your cover letter. Introduce your novella -- give a brief synopsis of the novella in your letter. Also, present your qualifications. If you have previously published work, list it. If you are an experienced writer, even outside of novella writing, mention it. Use the cover letter to sell your novella -- and yourself -- to the publisher.

Research self-publishing opportunities. Many aspiring writers send inquiries to publishers, but there is no guarantee that your novella will be picked up by a publisher. However, that does not mean you cannot get your work published. Many e-book and self-publishing companies exist. In this case, you are using your own money to publish your novella, but if you dream to see your novella published this is an alternate route .


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