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What Are Good Interview Questions to Ask a Receptionist in a Salon?

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The receptionist in a salon plays an integral role in the success of the business. She keeps track of appointments, answers the phone and greets customers. Often receptionists are the first person a client meets when entering a salon, so they have to be both friendly and knowledgeable to make a strong first impression. Asking the right questions in a job interview can ensure that you choose the right person for this important task.


To understand the candidate’s professional experience in a salon setting, in a retail setting and with customer service, ask questions will help put his resume information into context. The receptionist will need to be comfortable answering the phone and setting appointments in a log or computer system, so ask about his familiarity with computer programs, switchboards and answering the phone. Also ask questions such as “Would you consider yourself an organized person?,” “Are you comfortable with basic math and making transactions?” and “Would you be willing to clean and maintain the front of the house to create the most inviting business environment?”

Work Ethic

Perhaps more important than experience is a willingness to work. Your receptionist should be dedicated, punctual and reliable. Ask questions such as, “In your previous jobs, how often were you tardy and how often did you call in sick?,” “Would you consider yourself a punctual person?” and “What was your last employer's policy for calling in sick or being late?” This will allow you to explain your own policies and gauge her willingness to cooperate. Also ask basic questions about the days and hours she is available to work.

Goals and Achievements

To get a sense of your future receptionist, you will likely want to know his goals and why he wants to work in your salon. Ask questions based on the job experience you could offer, such as "Are you working toward a career in hair styling?” Ask where he sees himself in five years, how long he would want to work with your salon and what he thinks the work could offer him professionally. Also ask about what he has achieved that will help him accomplish his long-term professional goals. Finally, ask about his salary requirements if you don't have a set number in mind already.


This area tells a lot about a potential employee. Ask her what she feels she brings to the table. For example, is she proficient in computer programs? Can she bring in a steady stream of clients? You are looking for more in her response than “I am hard-working” or “I am reliable.”


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