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What Skills Are Needed for Cosmetology?

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Cosmetologists employ a variety of skills in their careers. Cosmetologists need to have the technical skills to perform a wide range of beauty treatments, the creative skills and vision to identify what each individual client needs and the people skills to effectively communicate with customers. Many cosmetologists are also self-employed or own their own businesses, so managerial and marketing skills are also important.


Most states require that individuals complete a training program and pass a written and practical exam before being granted a license to practice cosmetology.

Creative Skills

Cosmetologists need to be creative and able to envision appropriate hair styles and treatments for each of the clients they work with.

Technical Skills

Most cosmetologists enroll in training programs where they learn the basics of hair cutting and styling, makeup application, manicuring and skin care.

Business Skills

Because many cosmetologists are self-employed or own a small business, it is not unusual for people in this field to also develop managerial and business skills.

Sales and Marketing Skills

Retaining clients and generating retail sales is an increasingly important part of salon revenue, so many cosmetologists need strong skills in sales and marketing.

Interpersonal Skills

Because much of a cosmetologist's day is spent working one on one with customers, good interpersonal skills are critical to success in this field.

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