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The Pros & Cons of Being a Florist

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Florists work in a creative environment. Many florists set their own hours and work as self-employed individuals. That freedom, however, comes with the challenges of operating a small business and working with multiple customers. Florists may be employed by independent shops, grocery stores or even Internet retailers.


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You do not need a special license or education to become a florist, though having some courses in design will be helpful. Florists need to understand how to care for, cut and arrange flowers. They also need math skills to plan budgets, select appropriate stock and estimate how many flowers are needed for a venue. Those new to the profession can gain skills by working in a flower shop or as an apprentice.


An independent florist can choose his own hours, but has the responsibilities of owning and operating a small business, such as taxes, fees, handling cash and accounts, employee management, stock and customer service. Florists must also network with potential clients and keep photos of their work. A florist working for a shop owner can expect some of these responsibilities as well.

Consumer Response

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Florists often work with event planners and brides. Each customer can be demanding, especially if a large order is involved. Florists also assist with unpleasant events such as funerals; this can provide satisfaction in helping others, but can also prove to be emotionally draining.

Work Environment

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Florists have the opportunity to work in a pleasant work environment that changes seasonally or at their own desire.

Work Variety

Florists have a outlet for their creativity and design sense. The work each day can vary, depending on the customers. Florists serve hotels, caterers and upscale businesses as well as prom-goers, brides and other customers.


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Many large grocery store chains have floral departments that compete with independent floral shops.


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