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What Is the Monthly Income of a Cosmetologist?

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If you like to look your best and enjoy helping others to be well groomed, the career field of cosmetology may be a good job fit. Cosmetologists have the opportunity to earn more than $2,400 each month after just one year of experience, according to a June 2010 survey by the website Payscale.


As a professional cosmetologist, you will perform a wide variety of beauty services for your clients. According to the website State University, cosmetologists work with hair, providing shampoos, cuts and styling. Other hair services often include hair coloring and permanent chemical curling. In some businesses, cosmetologists may offer additional services such as manicures, pedicures, facials and makeovers. Training to become a licensed cosmetologist can be found in beauty schools and can generally be completed in less than one year.

Your Experience Level

Your level of experience in the cosmetology field could play a role in your overall annual earnings. According to a June 2010 finding by Payscale, those with at least one year of job experience can expect to earn between $12,891 and $29,321 a year, or up to $2,443 per month. After five years of cosmetology experience, workers are reporting median wages of up to $30,389 a year, or $2,532 each month. Cosmetologists with 10 years of work experience report earning up to $36,299 annually, or $3,024 each month.

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The type of industry you choose to work in can also determine your income in a cosmetology career. According to a June 2010 survey by Payscale, cosmetologists working in the day spa industry are leading the pack when it comes to earnings, with median salaries of up to $43,018, or $3,584 a month. Professionals employed in hair and beauty salons are earning up to $40,000 each year, or $3,333 monthly. Working in a cosmetology school could be the least profitable, with those workers reporting incomes of up to $29,479,or $2,456 every month.

Size Of Employer

The number of employees your company has can also play some part in your earnings potential as a cosmetologist. According to Payscale, those cosmetologists working for companies with fewer than 10 employees are earning incomes of up to $30,628, or up to $2,552 each month. Professionals working in larger companies with up to 49 employers are reporting considerably higher earnings of up to $39,037, or $3,253 each month.


Geography can also play a role in financial earnings in the U.S., according to a June 2010 report by Payscale. Cosmetologists working in the state of Illinois are boasting some of the higher salaries of up to $43,780, or $3,648 monthly. Florida cosmetologists earn slightly less at up to $40,695, or $3,391 each month. Cosmetologists in the state of Texas earn $891 a month less, topping out at $30,000 a year, or $2,500 each month.

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