How to Voicemail to Email

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Don't have time to listen to endless voicemails? Want to receive voicemails while you're out of the office or not at home? Here are some simple ways to receive voicemails through your email!

How to receive and send voicemails through your email

To start, check with your phone provider. Most phone companies now adays offer an option to send voicemails to email. You can do this by either calling your phone company or checking out their website. When speaking with a representative ask for the "voicemail to email" option or setup instructions. You may have to pay additional fees for this service depending on your plan. Two of the most popular phone companies, Comcast and Verizon, offer this option. A copy of each voicemail you receive will be sent to a designated email through which you can play the actual voicemail!

Would you like to send a voicemail through email without even placing a call? Software such as Express Dictate or Web Dictate allows you to record a message (must have microphone hooked up to your computer) and then send it as an electronic file. Messages can be longer using this method. This software can be found, along with other transcription software, at and a number of other sites.

The best part about sending voicemails to email is that not only can you save them and listen to them over and over without clogging up your voicemail inbox, but you can listen to them over and over without going through all of the menu options you would in your voicemail inbox on your phone. Whichever option you choose for sending or receiving voicemails, it will certainly make your life a lot simpler have these message at the tips of your fingers, literally!