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How to Change the Time on Lucent Phones

Avaya/Lucent telephones are commonly found in both small and large office environments. The telephones come with built-in intercom, voicemail, automatic call answering as well as live call screening, making them ideally suited to a customer service environment. Changing the time on your Avaya/Lucent telephone requires the time settings to be modified across your telephone network, not just on the individual handset. You should allow approximately 5 minutes to change the time on your Avaya/Lucent phone.

Go to the telephone assigned to extension 10 or 11.

Press the "Feature" button and dial "00."

Press the "Intercom" button on the left of the phone twice.

Press the "#" key and dial "103." Enter the time in 24-hour format using the numeric keypad. For example, 2:02 PM becomes 1402.

Press "Feature" then dial "00" to save and confirm.