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How to Leave an Extended Absence on Nortel Networks Meridian Digital Telephones

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Nortel Network's Meridian voice messaging systems allow organizations to set up and manage voice mailboxes for employees. Individual users of Meridian systems can create personal mailboxes along with custom greetings. Users can access their Meridian voice mailboxes and listen to messages from any touch-tone phone. And if you're going to be unavailable for an extended period of time, set up an extended absence greeting for your mailbox.

Log in your Meridian voice mailbox from a touch tone phone using your Meridian system's access number. Dial your voice mailbox number, followed by "#." Dial your password, then press "#."

Dial "82" to enter the "Greetings" menu on your Meridian system. Dial "3" to set up a new extended absence greeting. Dial "5" to begin recording your message. Press "#" to stop recording.

Dial "2" to replay the new greeting, "76" to delete the greeting or "5" to re-record the greeting.

Dial "9" to set an expiration date for your extended absence greeting. The formatting of the expiration date must be in month, day and time form. Dial the number of the month in which you'd like your greeting to expire. Press "#" to confirm. Enter the expiration day and time, using "#" after each entry.

Dial "4" to exit the menu after you've set up your extended absence greeting.


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