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How to Change the Time on an NEC Phone

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NEC is a manufacturer of office phones which give businesses to easily set up and maintain a set of extensions through one master system. One of the benefits of this system is the information which appears on the phone displays. The time and date is always just a glance away for employees who have these phones at their desk. This information, however, does no one any good if it is incorrect. Changing the time on an NEC phone is a quick process which will make your employee's lives easier.

NEC Electra Elite IPK

Press the "Feature" key on the phone system's main terminal. This is one of the Dedicated Feature keys and is located at the bottom left hand corner of the keypad.

Dial 9# to enter the clock setting menu.

Enter the hours and minutes using the key pad. For example, if it is 12:15, you would press "1," "2," "1," and "5."

Press the "Recall" key on the bottom left hand side of the phone key pad to toggle between AM and PM.

Press the "Feature" key to exit the system.

NEC Electra Elite IPK II

Press the "Speaker" key located at the bottom left of the phone key pad.

Dial "728" to enter the phone's clock menu.

Dial the hour using two digits. Use military time for any time in the afternoon. For example, 1:00 AM would be "01," but 1:00 PM would be "13."

Type the minutes using two digits ranging from "00" to "59."

Press the "Speaker" button to set the time.


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