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How to Multiply With an Adding Machine

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Although personal computers have largely replaced adding machines in most workplaces, the older desktop calculators are still used by plenty of businesses and individuals. Solving a multiplication problem on an adding machine is a very simple task that will take only seconds of your time.

Press the C button to clear any previous calculations before you begin entering a new problem.

Use the calculator’s numerical keys to enter the first number in the problem. For example, if you are multiplying 12 by 15, you will first enter 12.

Press the multiplication button, which appears as either an X or * symbol and is generally located near the right side of the calculator’s keypad along with the +, - and = keys.

Enter the second number in the problem, then press the = key. This will make the calculation and display the sum.

Press the “Print” key to print the problem and sum onto paper.


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