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How to Use a Sharp EL-W535 Calculator

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Performing simple and complex equations for school or work is the primary purpose of the Sharp EL-W535 calculator. Upon receiving your device, you may have some questions about its basic operation. Following a few simple steps will have you operating your device effectively and efficiently in little time. Learn to properly prepare your calculator for use, turn the device on and off, adjust the screen contrast, use the orange functions, and enter problems using both the “WriteView” editor and the “Line” editor.

Prepare your calculator for first-time use by removing the hard case. Hold the calculator with both hands and slide the unit out of the hard case. Flip the calculator over and slide it back down into the hard shell. Press the “Reset” switch (located on the calculator’s back) using a sharp object, such as a pen point or the end of a paper clip. This will clear your calculator for first-time use.

Turn the calculator on by pressing the “On/C” button. Turn the device off by pushing the “2ndF” button and then “Off.”

Adjust the display’s contrast by pressing the “Setup” button and then the “3” button. Press the plus or minus sign buttons to adjust the contrast up or down. Press “On/C” to exit the contrast screen.

Activate functions written in orange above a key by first pushing the “2ndF” key and then the key representing the function written in orange.

Enter a problem or function using the “WriteView” editor (which can be specified during the Setup process) into the calculator the same way you would write it. Enter at least one number, a function, and another number. For example: “1 + 2.” Press the left or right button to return to the editing screen, if the equation is so long that not all of it will fit onto the screen at once after you obtain your result. The “WriteView” editor will display results in fraction or pi form.

Enter problems into the “Line” editor (which can be specified using the Setup menu) on your calculator line by line as you would if you were writing it. Up to three lines of text can be entered visibly at one time. Press the right or left buttons to see the rest of the equation, if the equation extends beyond three lines. The “Line” editor always displays results in decimal form.

Delete a number or problem by using the right or left buttons to position the cursor to the right of the text you wish to delete. Press the “Backspace (BS)” key to delete.


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