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How to Troubleshoot a Dymo Datemark

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Dymo’s DateMark electronic date and time stamper imprints tracking information onto mailing materials, paper communication like invoices, received faxes, printed hard copies and more. It prints the current date and time, plus specific messages like “Received.” It can also act as a numerator and print serial numbers. Problems with the device can include faint print, printer errors and issues with the power. These kinds of issues can be corrected by following some troubleshooting steps.

Refill the ink roll if print becomes faint. Remove the ink roll compartment door and use a pair of tweezers or a paper clip to rotate the ink roll counterclockwise. Pull it out and add a few drops of ink pad ink onto the roller. Insert the roll back into the device.

Replace the ink pad with a new one if re-inking fails. It will over time. The part number is DYMO SKU 47001.

Reset the device if you see a “P-RESET” printer error/reset message on the screen. Press the printer reset button with a ballpoint pen. You’ll find the button in the battery compartment. The unit will beep when it’s ready again. If the device won’t reset, check for jams. The print belt should slide freely.

Replace the battery if there’s a low battery detection. The device will display “Low Batt.” Dymo recommends you don’t run the unit while the “Low Batt” message is on the display, as running it in that condition can damage the device.


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