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How to Backup Parameters on Haas CNC

Backing up the parameters of your Haas Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machine allows you to restore them if you upgrade to a new machine or if you accidentally erase them. A Haas CNC machine is an automated machine tool which businesses use when manufacturing various parts or components. You can back up your Haas CNC's parameters by using a compatible floppy drive and following a specific procedure.

Connect the floppy drive to your Haas CNC machine's RS-232 port. A female RS-232 port looks like a trapezoid and contains 25 connectors. Place a blank floppy disk in the drive.

Press the "LIST PROG" button on your machine. You can find that button under the "Display" category.

Press the "PARAM" button under the "Display" category and press the F2 key to save your machine's parameters to the floppy disk.


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