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How to Verify Employment History With AT&T

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Nearly all AT&T employees are member of the Communications Workers of America union, which is a branch of the union giant AFL-CIO. Requesting employment verification for AT&T employees is a simple process, as long as only whether or not the employee worked for or is working for AT&T and the length of their employment is being requested. AT&T strictly prohibits any other information from being released, according to the CWA's official website.

Employers seeking employment verification for former AT&T employees

Call (800) 367-5690.

Press 1 for "employment verification" when the recording prompts you. You must have an employer user ID, or you will have to set one up. This guarantees only legitimate companies are requesting the employee information and not phishing scams or unauthorized individuals. A representative will help you sign up if you do not already have an employer user ID.

Enter the company code "10535" when prompted after signing in is successful. This is AT&T's company code and will provide you with any AT&T employee's information.

Enter the employee's Social Security number when the voice prompts you. After a few seconds, the system will begin speaking the information you requested. It is possible to have the system repeat the information by pressing the "#" key.

Current AT&T employees seeking their own employment verification

Call AT&T HR OneStop at (888) 722-1787 if you are a current AT&T employee and are seeking a copy of your own employment verification.

Press "0" to speak with a Human Resources Clerk.

Provide your "UID" (AT&T Universal Identification). This number is assigned to you when you are hired at AT&T and never changes as long as you are with the company. The clerk is required to verify your identity before you can proceed.

Tell the Human Resources Clerk you are requesting an employment verification. The clerk will ask for a fax number to which they will send the employment information. This is the only way to request an employment verification if the current employee is requesting it.

Provide the clerk with a fax number where you wish to receive the employment verification information. You will receive the information once the clerk completes your request and the system sends it. This is usually completed and the information is received in one day.


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