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What Information Can Be Given for Verification of Employment?

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The type of information that an organization can release when requested to verify employment will vary depending on the organization, and state laws and regulations. It can also vary, depending on the purpose of the verification of employment. For example, a request of employment verification for mortgages, apartment rental requests and requests as part of a background check may have different guidelines on what information can be shared. In fact, some organizations have a carte blanche rule that employment and salary status and information cannot be shared under any circumstances.

Written Permission

In many states, such as Washington State, an employee must give written permission for employers to release information about employment. In some cases, you must complete a separate form for each request for verification. For example, if you are applying for two different mortgages with two different lenders, you may have to complete a separate form authorizing release of information to each lender.

Employment Dates

Most requests for employment verification can include the dates of employment. In some cases, this information can include the date you were hired, the date you left the company, the number of days worked during that period of time, and the number of days absent from work. In some cases, an employer can report the probability of continued employment.

Pay Information

Some requests for employment verification, especially those related to a mortgage or a loan, can request your current salary or pay rate, the frequency of paychecks, the date of your last pay raise, and overtime or additional pay per pay period.

Employment Status

In addition, many employers may report your employment status, such as whether you are a W-2 employee or an independent contractor using a 1099 for tax purposes. Some employers may report your status as a full-time or a part-time employee.

Other Information

A lot of other information can be requested, depending on state law. Some employers will provide the information, while others have internal policies that prevent them from releasing information. For example, the New York Department of Education can report the number of hours you work per day, the grade levels that you teach, the date you were granted tenure and your annual teacher rating.


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