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How to Transfer IRU to CRU With AT&T

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Corporate Responsibility Users (CRUs) are employees who receive AT&T phone service through a corporate account for which the company is responsible. CRU accounts allow employees of the account holder to obtain an Individual Responsible User (IRU) account at a discount. Migrating from an IRU to a CRU requires that your company qualifies for an AT&T Mobile Business Agreement and would extend your contract with AT&T by two years. The CRU contract is a two year commitment and requires that there is at least one CRU on the account through the duration of the contract period.

Over the Phone

Contact AT&T Exclusively Business Center at 1-888-296-4561 and notify a customer service agent that you would like to transfer your IRU account to a new CRU account.

Provide the agent with the company name, Employer Identification Number (EIN) and address.

Complete the application over the phone with an AT&T Business representative. The application will be reviewed to verify that your organization qualifies for a CRU account. You will be notified by email if you are approved or denied.

In Person

Visit a local AT&T corporate store and notify a representative that you would like to move your IRU account to a CRU account.

Provide the representative with your organization’s EIN, billing address and billing email address.

Wait for an email notification to the business email address notifying you of the approval or denial of your CRU account. After approva,l your IRU account will be moved to a CRU account.


You will not be able to move from an IRU account to a CRU account online.


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