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Responsibilities of a CRM

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A CRM (customer relations manager) is responsible for ensuring that customers are satisfied with, excited about and engaged with the business for which the CRM works. Customer relations managers usually hold bachelor's degrees in business or the specific field in which the business operates. CRM salaries start at about $41,000 per year, with experienced CRMs bringing an average salary of $71,800 per year as of 2010.

Interaction with Customers

Depending on the size of the company, CRMs interact directly with customers or coordinate proper and seemly interaction with customers. When a team is needed to handle all customer interactions, CRMs pput systems in place that ensure prompt and courteous responses to customer queries and complaints. CRMs are ultimately responsible for phone, fax, email, snail mail and in-person interactions with customers.

Designing and Implementing Customer Relationship Protocols

The CRM designs regulations and protocols intended to ensure high-quality customer service. When customers interact with a representative of a company, they expect that representative to communicate and behave in the same manner as another representative of the company. The CRM is the person in charge of making this happen. He provides the guidelines and training necessary to provide consistent, positive interactions between the company and its customers.

Dealing with Difficult Customer Issues

When a customer has an issue that is outside the scope of the company's guidelines and protocols, the CRM must resolve the issue. Whether the issue involves a refund or a late payment that cannot be collected, the CRM steps in to resolve the difficult issue. Once the problem is resolved, a quality CRM will review the issue and incorporate it into modifications to the company guidelines and protocols.


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