How to Clear Up My DAC Report

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Truck drivers handling freight for long hauls across the country have their driver history provided to a reporting agency. DAC Trucking Services collects data about driving accidents, traffic violations and other issues and stores this information in a database. DAC creates a report and sells it to large trucking companies, which base hiring decisions in part upon the data.

Previous employers and other sources supply the information for the DAC report, and discrepancies or misinformation may occur. Every trucker is entitled to receive a free copy of his DAC report yearly and should dispute inaccurate information.

Obtain a free copy of your DAC report. Provide your name, address, Social Security number, driver's license number and phone contact information on a Consumer Report Request Form. You can get this form by contacting the HireRight company (see Resources), which handles DAC reports, or fill out an online form at the HireRight website.

Review the DAC report. Note any misinformation by creating a list that features the employer and date of the error. Contact the employer and ask if it could review its records and amend the incorrect information. If the employer fails to do this, contact DAC services to lodge a formal dispute. Fill out the dispute form that came with your DAC report.

Write the letter clearly and concisely in a professional manner. Send the letter, with any other documents to support your claims, to DAC, which will forward a copy to the previous employer. If the employer cannot verify the accuracy of its data, DAC will remove the disputed information from your report. If the employer can verify the disputed items as accurate, the disputed information will remain on your report.

File a rebuttal statement if you wish to provide a written document within your report regarding the case and your viewpoint of the facts. The rebuttal statement becomes a permanent record in the previous employer's files and must be submitted within five days to any prospective employer who has denied you employment based on the original DAC report.

Receive a copy of the corrected report five days after all information has been investigated and verified. Request that this corrected report be sent to anyone who has seen the previous incorrect DAC information within the last six months.


You will have to wait 10 to 15 days after you place a initial request to receive a DAC report. Extra reports can be obtained at an additional fee. After you submit your dispute form, the previous employer has 15 days to respond to the driver's report correction request.