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How to Confirm a Phone Meeting

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Whether a phone meeting was scheduled two weeks ago or two days ago, confirming the phone meeting before it takes place is a step every professional should take. By confirming a phone meeting ahead of time, you help remind the other party to be ready and on time, which ultimately saves you time. Doing so also lets others know you are responsible, organized and thinking ahead.


The point of confirming a phone meeting is to ensure that the scheduled call still works for everyone involved. It not only reminds the other party or parties of the phone meeting. It also helps you avoid having to wait by the phone pointlessly if others forgot about the meeting. The website advises sending confirmation 24 hours in advance, though many organizations also send reminders the day of the meeting, perhaps 30 minutes before it is scheduled.

Subjects to Cover

Email is a method that works well for confirming a phone meeting. The confirmation should cover the time and date of the call, the number you are calling or the number the other party should call, and the best way to contact you in case of any problems. The email should also recap the purpose of the phone meeting and any additional details available on what may be covered so everyone comes to the phone meeting well prepared.