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Michelin Jobs Interview Tips

Michelin is the largest tire manufacturer in the world. The product line goes well beyond cars and extends to every type of tire for all vehicle types. With worldwide operations, the company offers many opportunities for various career paths. When interviewing with Michelin, it is important to understand the track you are seeking and what you can bring to the table.

Telephone Interviews

Michelin is a worldwide company with recruiting efforts that span well beyond local factory headquarters. (The company headquarters are in France with North American operations in Quebec, Canada.) As a result you can expect at least one of your interviews, perhaps more, to be conducted by phone. Of course you don't need to be in your best interview suit if you are on the phone, but make sure you have access to a quiet room in which to talk to the interviewer. Keep a notepad and pencil available as well as your calendar to schedule any future conversations or meetings. Be professional and speak slowly and clearly. Allow the interviewer to state the questions; make a note of each question so you can stay on track when answering it. Keep in mind that telemarketers employ the rule of "smile and dial" because when you are smiling, your positive energy is felt on the other end of the phone. You may also be required to complete an essay and discuss it in a second or third phone interview. It may take several weeks after your initial phone interview to move into face-to-face discussions. Be patient; this is part of the process, because Michelin is such a large company.

In Person Interviews

Michelin will fly the top candidates to headquarters for face-to-face interviews. Be prepared to review the information discussed in your phone interviews. You will most likely be meeting with more than just one person. Be prepared to sit with key players in different departments. At this time you will be given a skills test as well as a group test. Make sure you are in a cooperative mood during the group test. Michelin is looking for team players, not know-it-alls. Dress professionally, but know that you will be going on a factory tour as well. Wear comfortable shoes so you can focus on everything around you, not the pain in your feet. Some people are given a second set of interviews in person while others may receive a follow-up phone call.

Other Things to Be Aware Of

Michelin strives to be a public symbol of product safety. As such, you may be required to submit to a drug test, personality test and background check. If there is anything in your background that is questionable, be open and honest about it in your interview and be prepared to explain it. Everyone makes mistakes. No one likes to talk about the skeletons in the closet, but doing so may earn you the respect of the interviewer and prevent automatic dismissal from subsequent consideration.


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