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How to Confirm a Scheduled Job Interview

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Confirming a scheduled job interview with an employer demonstrates professionalism and shows that you respect her time. It also allows you to clarify anything you’re not sure of. Many employers will confirm the appointment with you, but if they don’t, you should. It will likely enhance the first impression you make if you take the initiative and reach out to them. Call 24 hours or one business day before your scheduled interview.

Call the Employer

Confirming the interview by phone gives you another opportunity to speak with the employer and strengthen the hopefully positive impression you’ve already made. The more you speak with her, the easier it will be to create rapport when you finally meet in person. In addition, if you can get in touch with the employer personally, you don’t have to wait for her reply and wonder if she got your email.

Ask Questions

The confirmation phone call is an ideal way to verify details about the interview and ask anything you didn’t have a chance to inquire about in your initial interactions with the employer. Ask how much time you should allot for the interview, if there’s anything you should bring, and whom you should call in case you need directions or have additional questions. If you leave a voicemail for the employer, keep it short. Say something like, “I just wanted to confirm our interview for 1 p.m. tomorrow at XYZ Inc. headquarters."

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