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How to Write an Interview Acknowledgement Letter

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While it’s not required that you acknowledge a scheduled job interview in writing, doing so can set you apart from candidates who don’t take the time to craft a personal reply. It also prevents miscommunication and gives the employer an opportunity to change details of your appointment or request supplemental materials or information.


Follow standard business letter format. Open your letter with “Dear Mr.” or “Dear Ms.” Send the letter to the person who called or emailed you to schedule the interview. Keep your letter brief; about half a page should suffice. Unlike a cover letter, you aren’t trying to sell the employer on your qualifications. Since she wants to meet with you, she clearly thinks you’re a strong candidate. Instead, the purpose of this letter is to confirm the details of your interview. End your letter with a formal and professional sign-off such as “Sincerely” or “Sincerely yours.”

Timing and Format

Send your letter immediately after setting up the interview. This demonstrates that you’re professional, prompt and that you care about the employer’s time. Both email and “snail mail” letters are acceptable. If the interview is in a day or two, opt for an email so it reaches the employer before your appointment. You might also choose email when replying to a tech company, start-up or a workplace with an informal environment. Send a “hard copy” letter to a formal, traditional company or if the interview is several days or a week or two away.

Opening Your Letter

Begin by thanking the employer for inviting you in for an interview and by expressing your enthusiasm. Tell her you look forward to learning more about the job and the company and that you’re eager to discuss how you can use your skills and experience to contribute to the company’s success. Don’t reiterate what you said in your cover letter or go into extensive detail about your talents, accomplishments or other qualifications. This can come across as too pushy or aggressive. Instead, save this discussion for your face-to-face meeting.

Confirming Details

Verify the arrangements you made with a short sentence such as “I’m writing to confirm our interview for 3 p.m. on Monday, Dec. 3 at XYZ Inc. corporate headquarters, as we discussed on the phone earlier today.” If the employer asked you to bring anything, such as work samples, a portfolio or a list of references, mention that you’ll bring the materials she requested with you to the meeting. Also mention that you can bring any additional materials she may need. If she neglected to ask for certain information, this might jog her memory so you won’t have to submit additional items after your interview.

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