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How to Transfer a CNA Certification

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Certified Nurse Assistants typically work with patients who need long-term care. Under the supervision of a registered nurse, the CNA helps the patients perform basic bodily care that they are unable to perform on their own. There is a large demand for CNAs across the nation, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, so CNAs who relocate are assured of finding job opportunities in their new state of residence. They must, however, transfer their current certificate before they can work legally. It may take a few months to complete the process.

Ensure that the state to which you wish to transfer your certification accepts reciprocity or listing transfers. Some states, like North Carolina, do not.

Obtain an endorsement form from the Nurse Aide Registry in the state where you are currently certified. The agency will provide information about your certification, training and any disciplinary action taken. You may have to pay a fee for this service.

Obtain an application for reciprocity from the CNA regulating agency in the state to which you are transferring. This agency is usually the Board of Nursing or the Department of Health. The form may be available from the agency’s website or the office may mail it to you.

Have your fingerprints taken. The agency may mail you a fingerprint card that you can take to a law enforcement agency or a fingerprinting center. Expect to pay a fee for the fingerprinting service.

Prepare supporting documents. Request an endorsement form from the agency that regulates certified nurse assistants in your current state. You will also need a copy of your current CNA certificate, Social Security card, proof that you have completed a training program and proof that you have worked at least eight hours as a certified nurse assistant.

Submit your application and supporting documents to the regulating agency in the state to which you are transferring. Also include a check or money order for the application fee. The agency will send your fingerprints to the FBI and verify your current license with your home state. You will receive your new certificate in the mail if the state approves your application. Note that processing times vary and usually depend on the amount of time it takes to receive the results of the background check from the FBI. This usually takes two to four weeks.