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How to Start a Construction Management Company

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Take advantage of your management and construction industry knowledge to start a construction management company. Develop relationships with general contractors in your area. Relieve the burden of coordinating all of the different teams of workers by offering your management services. Focus on promoting the benefits of construction management as a key part of your marketing. Make efficiency your main goal to maintain a streamlined construction project form start to finish. Since you will be conducting most of your business from job sites, mobile devices will be a central part of your business.

Research your market carefully. Consider how to compete within this market. Plan a marketing strategy. Write a concise well-thought-out business plan that includes a mission statement, description of your business, market and competition analysis and financial documents. Use your business plan as a guide through the start-up process. Emphasize your management and construction experience within your business plan. Prospective clients will want to know about your background and experience.

Fill out and file the legal and documents necessary to establish your business as a legal entity on the local, state and federal level. These will include business and tax registration as well as any local permits or licenses. Consult an accountant and lawyer if you have any specific concerns. Work with a lawyer to draw up a basic contract to have signed at the beginning of each construction management project.

Acquire a reliable form of transportation for your business. A construction management business will require you to be on job sites much of the time. Select a rugged vehicle that can withstand rough jobs sites on unpaved terrain. You may have to travel frequently. Consult an accountant on tracking mileage for tax purposes.

Purchase a durable laptop. Since you will be working on the job site, you will want to have a functional mobile office. A small notebook computer will be sufficient. Purchase a mobile phone that is capable of email and Web browsing to allow for constant communication with contractors. Get a portable filing box and a document clipboard to organize and transport paperwork while on site.


Have a sign printed for your work vehicle to market your company.


Ensure that a detailed contract is signed prior to beginning any construction management project.


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