How to Find Legitimate Home Assembly Jobs

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Work-at-home assembly jobs have been around for many years, offering a variety of opportunities.They are especially suitable for stay-at-home parents and disabled individuals, but they are available to everyone. They might involve the assembly of anything from toys to CD cases.

Legitimate home assembly jobs do exist, but so do many scams. Keep a few important considerations in mind if you are attempting to separate the real opportunities from the ones that are bogus.

When you find a work-at-home assembly job that interests you, visit the Better Business Bureau's website to see if the company is the focus of complaints. Also check ripoffreport.com and Federal Trade Commission's website.

Determine if the company advertising the job has a physical address or a website. Ads for legitimate work should include a phone number for customer support, an actual mailing address and a company name, business owner or manager.

Find work-at-home websites and read reviews about different companies offering home assembly jobs. Visit forums and ask others for recommended work-at-home assembly jobs.

Look for home assembly jobs that require no upfront payment for materials. Many home assembly work scams request money upfront. They send the materials, you assemble it and ship it back, only to be told the work doesn't meet standards. Some legitimate work-at-home assembly jobs ask for money upfront, but many are scams.


Avoid ads for home assembly jobs that promise high income

If the company rejects your assembled product, try to sell it on eBay

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