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How to Do Crafts Assembly Work at Home

The practice of hiring workers to assemble products from home is called outsourcing. Many companies choose to outsource their assembly to work-at-home laborers because this practice can save money on overhead, as well as on hourly wages. If you choose to become involved in home assembly work, you will be doing what is otherwise known as "piece work." Typically, you will be paid a specific amount for each product or "piece" that you successfully assemble.
Almost every company that hires home workers to assemble crafts will charge a fee for your initial supplies and materials. This practice helps cut down on the company's costs for sending supplies and materials to homeworkers who never return their first finished product. Some companies may also charge you a fee for training materials, such as instructional videos, assembly manuals and samples of the products you will be assembling.

Write to American Consolidated Enterprises, INC PO Box 390099, Deltona, FL 32739, 407-574-5350. When writing to this company, you should request details about home assembly work. The company outsources assembly of "Buddy Bears." Sewing experience, either by hand or by machine, would be helpful. When writing you should include a SASE for return information.

Make "Cuddly Cows" out of craft felt, for the Cuddly Cow Company. Write to Cuddly Cows at PO Box 40484 Redford, MI 48240 for a free brochure. Include a self addressed stamped envelope to ensure you receive a reply by mail.

Check out the Mark Martin Association. This company hires for a wide variety of home assembly work, including sports products, electronics assembly and more. Write to 92 Brighton 11th St., Brooklyn, NY 11235.

Create beaded earrings for the San Francisco Jewelry Company. Unlike with many other home assembly jobs this company allows you to shop locally for your own supplies, giving you the option of trying to find them at a cheaper price. The earrings are made from easy to find glass beads, in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. For more information write to the San Francisco Jewelry Company at PO Box 10267, San Rafael, CA 94912.

Assemble baby bibs and children's moccasins for the West Art Company. This company provides supplies and training to help you learn to assemble the products according to specifications. Write for details, and include 2 stamps with your inquiry, to help cover shipping costs. The company's address is West Art 1702 W. Camelback Rd., Ste. 13. Phoenix, AZ.

Create your own arts and crafts and market them to potential buyers. The Seventeenth Colony House will purchase original handcrafted and woven materials. They are also interested in jewelry, stoneware and collectibles. You will need to send photos of your own art or craft work to the Seventeenth Colony House 3986 Main St, Hilliard, OH 34026, along with a letter detailing the product you are marketing, and your asking price.


Research every company on your own, along with taking the time to review their products, and talk with currently employed home workers, before you invest any money.

  • Research every company on your own, along with taking the time to review their products, and talk with currently employed home workers, before you invest any money.

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