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Working from home is a dream for many people, especially moms. However, finding legitimate work- from-home jobs is not always easy. While it is possible to make an income while working at your house, there are also several scams out there to be aware of when looking for work. Home assembly jobs are one of the common areas that receive a bad reputation for not being honest. When considering a home assembly job that can be done at home, consider some of these honest home assembly companies.

New England Crafters

New England Crafters Magical Gift Company is a member of the Better Business Bureau and has good standing with it. The company does charge a fee for its starter kit. However, the fee is refunded after a certain number of items are completed correctly. Once you are accepted as a craftsman, there are no more fees. The supplies are shipped to you and postage is paid by the company for items to be returned to them. There are about 30 different crafts to choose from in their home assembly work.

Disciple's Crosses

This home assembly company was founded by a minister. The company prides itself in being Christian in its practices. The company is honest and does pay for crosses that meet approval. However, many craft workers that purchase the beginner kit from this company find that they can make more money selling the crosses on their own rather than sending them back to the company. Disciple's Crosses allows workers to purchase materials without the commitment to send items back for inspection.

Tiny Details

Tiny Details is a home assembly company that sells miniature furniture and other items for doll houses. While the work may not be a breeze for many that wish to work from home, the company is honest and does pay for satisfactory work. There have been some complaints on the company because of the rigorous inspection. However, the company does have customer service that can be contacted. Those that have passed inspection seem pleased with Tiny Details.


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