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How to Work at Home Taking Orders

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Not all work at home phone jobs are sales jobs. One of the most common non telemarketing phone job you can do from home is taking orders. While a order taker may receive extra compensation when they have sold add on products to the caller, their pay check is not commission only.

Make sure your home office is in order. Work at home order takers will typically need a fax number, a separate line from home phone line (can be purchased after being hired), computer with high speed internet, and a quite space to work without interruptions. You will also need to be in a area where you can purchase unlimited long distance service for a reasonable price.

Practice your phone voice. Being able to project a pleasant personality over the phone with only your voice is a must. An individual that has constant issues with through lungs or throat, like laryngitis or chronic coughing may not be able to find a work at home job taking orders for a company.

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Get your resume and professional references together. Create a resume that high lights any experience you may have in customer service and phone order taking. Make sure to also include information on experience you may have in the field the company is in, if the company has a particular niche they work in. For instance, if you are applying to a company that does order taking for technical based companies, include any experience you have in that field. When including professional references, make sure to get their permission to use them as references first. Companies that hire home based workers typically call references before even contacting applicants.

Apply for work at home order taking jobs. Do not think that just one application will get you the job that you want. Many individuals that seek work at home jobs have to fill out numerous applications before getting one phone call. Remember the competition is fierce for the work at home job force, so it is important to start looking at job that you are most qualified for first.

Apply for a position as fast as you can after seeing that a company is hiring for work at home workers. Companies get hundreds of applications for just one job opening, so in many cases they will only look over a set amount of applications before hiring. Just because you send in a application, does not mean that they have looked at it yet.

Some of the more well know web based companies who hire workers to take orders from home are West Communications, LiveOps, Alpine Access, Cloud10 Communications, Convergys, Brighten Communications, and VIPDesk.

Be ready for more then one phone interview. Most companies a applicant will be required to go through at least two or three phone interviews before being offered a job.


To be a work at home order taker, you must be able to be on the phone without hearing other sounds in the background.


Look out for work at home job scams.

  • To be a work at home order taker, you must be able to be on the phone without hearing other sounds in the background.
  • Look out for work at home job scams.

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