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How to Start Your Own Home Decor Line

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People with fashion design talent may launch their own home decor lines, recognizing the demand for unique touches to living spaces. Starting a home decor business can be a profitable and enjoyable way to put artistic design talents to work. With your home decor line, you can help people give a new lease on life to a tired sofa with a fashionable new slipcover or add a splash of color to a dull wall with trendy curtains. Home decor products can transform a room or an entire house when tastefully selected and well-placed.

Build credentials in home decor. Successful careers designing home decor lines require the appropriate educational background and work experience. Schools like the Fashion Institute of Technology and the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising offer coursework or degrees in fashion merchandising, home fashion marketing or similar classes. Working as a buyer or retail trend researcher can help you develop skills and recognition in the industry that will enhance your chances of success with your own home decor line.

Determine what products you will offer in your home decor line by researching market trends and demand. Home decor covers a range of products, including bedding, kitchen and bath linens, curtains, pillows and wall paper. Decide whether your line will cover only some or all of these products and identify potential purchasers of the product such as retail department stores, home furnishing businesses and smaller, family-owned boutiques.

Choose where your products will be assembled and sewn. If you plan to offer your products in small quantities, find suitable individuals to sew and assemble your product line. If you are going to produce en masse, you will need to identify a company where your products will be assembled and sewn, keeping in mind that in many cases, home decor products are made in foreign countries.

Plan a name for your home decor line. A home decor line is a brand, you must give it a recognizable name to make it into a marketable line. Register your name with the county and state where you will do business.

Comply with requirements for organizing a business entity in the state where you will operate the business by determining the type of business entity you will be organize -- for example, partnership, for-profit corporation, limited liability company or sole proprietorship. File the appropriate business documents with the Secretary of State where your home decor line business will operate. Apply for an employer identification number for the Internal Revenue Service and get a sales tax permit from the state where you will operate.

Contact buyers from retail stores where you will offer your products. If you plan to offer your products in major retail stores, contact the corporate headquarters of the company and ask for the contact information for the buyers who specialize in the products in your home decor line, then contact those buyers directly to market your products. If your products will be in boutiques, contact the owners of the boutiques and ask to have your home decor products placed in their stores.

Begin producing home decor products based upon the quantities ordered by the retail stores and boutiques that you do business with. Ensure that your product can be delivered on time to stores. Monitor the quality of the assembly of your product and look for new opportunities for product development.


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