How to Become a Clothing Distributor

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Being a clothing distributor means selling clothing in bulk to businesses or individuals. When you are a clothing distributor, customer service is almost as important as your product. Being able to offer your customers, whether they are individuals or businesses, excellent customer service along with quality products, will earn you a secure spot in the clothing business.

Decide what type of clothing you want to sell. You can choose a particular clothing brand such as Sean John or you can pick a certain specialty, such as women's clothing. Remember to start off small and slowly add items or lines to your business. This allows you to gain a solid customer base before you expand too much.

Find clothes that fit your needs. In some cases, you will be able to apply to be a distributor for the line you want to sell by going to the company's website. Other times, you need to find the clothes yourself from outside sources. You need to try to find clothes at wholesale prices. One option is (see Resources). This company sells clothing by the lot. It shows you the price for the lot and gives you the price per unit.

Visit clothing stores in your area to find a customer base. It is a good idea to start with locally owned companies because these usually have the authority to purchase items from anyone. Many franchises and large companies can only order from certain or approved companies. Bring samples of your clothing for the management or owners to see.

Provide only top quality clothing. Your product is what will ultimately make your business or break your business. Selling low quality clothing will make you loose customers and may earn you a bad reputation. If you sell quality clothing for a good price and stand behind the clothing you sell, you will earn a good reputation and should soon find your customer base growing.

Stay up to date. Part of being a clothing distributor is staying up to date on all of the current fashions and trends. Being able to offer these to your customers will increase your sales.


Consider selling your clothing on consignment when you first get started. You will get paid once the clothing sells. This is a good way to gain customers and determine what items will sell in your area.