How to Find Jobs for People with Disabilities

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

The American Association of People with Disabilities is a powerful resource for the disabled job seeker. Its website contains information on the latest disability legislation and on accommodation in the workplace. Begin your job search by learning about your rights as a disabled worker on this website. Explore other sites devoted to helping disabled individuals find jobs.

Visit the website of the National Telecommuting Institute. This company hires individuals with disabilities to work from home. Many of the positions are virtual call-center customer-service positions, but it also hires for medical transcription, quality assurance for customer service calls, teaching, surveys, data entry and a variety of other work-at-home positions. NTI has worked “for over 15 years with employers, Social Security Disability Insurance, and with vocational rehabilitation services that work with disabled individuals,” according to its website.

Create a free job seeker account on This site is devoted to helping those with disabilities find jobs. A similar site is Hire Disability Solutions, which offers a resume builder on its site. Ability Jobs is a website that lists employment opportunities for disabled individuals as well, and it has been around since 1995.

Work for the federal government. Applicants must supply proof of disability and that they are ready to work. Disabled veterans can receive hiring preference in many cases. If an individual has a psychiatric disability, is severely physically disabled or is mentally disabled in another way, the individual can apply directly to the agency for which he wants to work. Ask to speak with the Selective Placement or Disability Employment coordinator.

Contact your state’s vocational rehabilitation agency. These agencies work with disabled individuals to prepare them to enter the workforce for the first time or in a new field by providing necessary training and other services. A list of state vocational rehabilitation agencies can be found on the Work World website.