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How to Become a Vendor for FedEx & Kinko's

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FedEx Kinko’s is a highly respected technology service and global shipping company with a multiple vendor operating infrastructure. The year 2008 saw FedEx Kinko’s change to the operating company brand name of FedEx Office. As of 2010, FedEx Kinko’s is still in the process of changing the over 2,000 digitally connected office centers in its network over to the new brand name. The needs outsourced by FedEx Kinko's business operations can range from software to office supplies, fleet vehicles to tires, and uniforms to warehousing space. If your company can provide for any of the specific operational needs or products that FedEx Kinko's offers vendor contracts for, then prepare a proposal and submit it through the award winning online FedEx Supplier Contact Management System registration website.

Designate and prepare the outsourcing that will be supplied to FedEx Kinko’s. Ensure that FedEx Kinko’s needs the software, product or service within the local market where your company is active and whether it is contracted out to another company already. Be able to pinpoint why your company can provide service more efficiently or sell to FedEx a better and/or more economical product. Check the “What We Buy” FedEx listing page online (See Resources) to see if they list your product or service as a known need.

Research the FedEx Corporation to prove and present why you are a great vendor match for them. In February 2004, the Santa Barbara founded and privately owned Kinko’s, Inc was acquired by publicly traded FedEx Corporation. FedEx worldwide shipping service was merged with Kinko’s copy/print office service centers creating the business entity FedEx Kinko’s. Today FedEx Kinko’s is a $35.5 billion revenue producing office technology service and shipping giant with global infrastructure, a solid reputation and over 1,000 technology vendors supplying its operating needs. In March 2010 FedEx Corporation received a 60th ranking overall on Fortune Magazine's annual Fortune 500 Top American Companies list.

Present your company’s proposal by filling out the Supplier Registration application online with FedEx Kinko’s (See Resource). Check thoroughly through the FedEx Supplier Registration FAQ’s on the same website for additional help and in order to better understand the FedEx Supplier Contact Management System process.

Allow FedEx to review your proposal. Only if there is a current business need which the product or service can supply will a FedEx Supplier Contact Management professional initiate further inquiry about the proposal by contacting your company. With numerous vendors, many needs are already sourced under established or long-term contracts but these needs can open up through term expiration or contract termination.

Renew your company proposal information every six months with FedEx Kinko’s. While there is no way to formally follow-up on the status of your proposal until FedEx expresses interest, every six months FedEx Kinko’s will send out a renewal inquiry to each prospective vendor to see if the individual company wishes to renew the proposal information.

Inform FedEx via the FedEx Supplier Contact Management System email link if you have any difficulties in electronically submitting your company proposal via their Supplier Registration page. Only use this if technical difficulties are encountered with the submission process. Do not send proposal status inquiries as they will not be answered.

Utilize the unique business feature that is the FedEx Supplier Contact Management System. Once a proposal is won and vendor status approved, a relationship steward will be assigned to oversee the business relationship between the new vendor and FedEx. Foster this contact strategically because increased profit, market expansion and contract longevity for your company with FedEx Kinko’s is set by it.