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How to Become a Teleflora Vendor

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By becoming a Teleflora vendor you immediately increase your local flower shop's customer base to include just about anyone, anywhere. Taking advantage of Teleflora's over 70 years of experience in the flower industry, its nationwide advertising campaigns and its network of over 20,000 local florists like you, is easy when you become a Teleflora vendor. Teleflora is not a flower shop. It knows it couldn't be an industry leader without you. Why not take advantage of it? You could be selling Teleflora arrangements that retail from $29.99 to over $180 as soon as next week.

Research the Teleflora vendor programs. Information is available via discussions with a Teleflora florist or by reading the materials on the Teleflora website. Researching programs such as The Dove Network, Teleflora Member Directory, Design and Education Programs, and specifics available on its Marketing Support is a great way to learn what you will receive with the Teleflora vendor program.

Read the Teleflora vendor resource guide. It contains the Teleflora rules and regulations that are part of the contract for membership and detailed information about your contract obligations to Teleflora.

Print and complete the Teleflora application for membership. On the application you will have to complete all the shop information, ownership information, personal references and bank references.

Print, read and sign the Teleflora contract for membership. The first signature acts as acknowledgment of the contract. The second signature is the personal guarantee portion, and all officers of your flower shop will have to sign it. You will also have to select how you will be paying the application fee, processing fee and the membership deposit at the top of this form.

Print and complete the Dove Directory Listing Information sheet. The codification information section can limit your Teleflora orders, so be sure to ask a Teleflora representative to assist you with the industry averages if you are not sure what to list in those spots.

Send your application to Teleflora. You can scan your completed documents and required attachments and email them or you can fax them directly to Teleflora. The application process is easy because Teleflora is always interested in increasing its database of high-quality floral vendors.

Discuss your application, membership, inventory, training and equipment needs with your account executive. As soon as you application is received and processed you will have the opportunity to schedule your training and equipment setup and obtain the inventory that is exclusive to Teleflora arrangements.


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